facilities of our travels

We provide various types of tourism benefits from the Sundarbans Esho Travels. Below are the significant ones.....

  •   Transportation in vessel(from Gatkhali), food(traditional and continental arrangement) and lodging (in boat and lodge).
  •   Education guide to identify and to know the mangroves and species of Sundarbans.
  •   Language Guide i.e. Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Gujrati and Tamil (foreign languages- Japanese, Mandarine and Germanese).
  •   Local Folk Culture.
  •   Village tourism.

Do's and Don't Sunderbans

Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. The Sunderbans ecosystem is in the face of the current calamity, so some restrictions on the succession of sundarbans have been given by the sundarban tiger reserve.

        You can make your visit more enjoyable and help in the conservation of sundarbans national park by observing the following:


  •  Avoid drinking tap water and prefer filtered water or coconut water.
  •  Do not carry mineral water unless it is part of your medication as Sundarbans is a "No Plastic zone".
  •   Carry some light snacks and fruits with you to munch.
  •   Carry sunglasses, hats and sun tan lotion.
  •  Preferably carry cash as possibility of accessing ATM is remote. Only SBI ATM is available at Gosaba.
  •  Carry common medicines for cough, cold, stomach upset etc
  •  Most importantly, carry torch with spare batteries.
  •  Carry spare batteries for your cameras as you might not get a chance to recharge your batteries.


  •  Do not carry any polythene bag as Sunderbans National Park is a "No Plastic Zone".
  •  Don’t pollute the pristine habitat by throwing anything out from the boat/Launch.
  •  Don’t play any sound system including loud speakers or shouting as it disturbs wild life and co-visitors thumb rule is that no one should go out of water craft.
  •  Do not enter in the Sunderbans National park/Tiger reserve without valid permit which can be obtained from Sunderban Tiger reserve’s offices at Canning, Sonakhali, Sajnekhali.
  •  Staying within the Sunderbans National Park/Tiger reserve area is permitted only from Sunrise to Sunset.
  •  Hunting, fishing, damage to flora & habitat entry in core area and movement in non permitted forest locations is viewed as serious offence.