The Sundarbans Safari is not just a Sundarbans tour. In fact, the overall beauty of the Sundarbans Attracted people. On the one hand, the largest mangrove in the world is wild, while on the other, many rivers, many animals, and fish attract people. Kolkata is very close, this sundarban will never disappoint you, If you are a nature lover. So you can enjoy luxury bungalows and hotels.
Sundarbans is a place where you can visit all the time at low cost. However, winter safari is the most enjoyable. Because both the sky and nature are calm.
You can contact us at any time for a beautiful service. Your overall cooperation is our capital.

about esho travels

Sundarban Esho Travels Is A Premier Travel Group Headquartered In Kolkata, India. As An Integrated Travel Group, We Offer The Complete Range Of Services Associated With Vacation And Travel In The Sundarban And Indian Subcontinent. Our Core Focus In Leisure Travel And Destination Management.

        Sundarbans Aso Travels has made 150+ groups so far. Our attractive travel packages and hotel facilities attract more travelers.

our story

Sunderbans Esho Travels Company established Mr. Mihir Mandal and Akash Roy in 2017. Firstly, the company only works for the Sundarbans tour, but also provides touring facilities throughout India.

2000/- Per Head
sundarban single day package

Sundarban Single Day Package

Minimum 20 Persons

3+ Location

1 Day

3200/- Per Head
sundarban 1 night 2 days package

Sundarban 1 Night 2 Days Package

Minimum 5 Persons

6+ Location

2 Day

4000/- Per Head
sundarban 1 night 2 days package

Sundarban 2 Night 3 Days Package

Minimum 5 Persons

10+ Location

3 Day